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Brains at Work Consulting (Pvt) Ltd established in 2008, the Company has a strategic smart partnerships with international meter brands with one partner having installed 350 000 intelligent water meters for the the City of Johannesburg, Mangaung Metro Municipality, City of Cape Town and many other water service providers, district and local municipalities including Johannesburg’s large city of Soweto were the project was piloted in 2004 and the product is in successful use to this day.     


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Brains at Work Consulting uses employees and service providers that are well trained; experienced and with hands-on practical skills required to serve the needs of our clients. Brains at Work Consulting is a true Zimbabwean company cognisant of the social challenges facing the country. To this end we are always keen to utilise local skills wherever we are afforded an opportunity to provide our services. This approach does not only serve to create jobs but also equip local people with skills needed for future employability.



Our attention to governance and compliance ensures that our clients are serviced with the highest level of professionalism and by people with the correct qualifications.

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Our success has been shaped by a demand for improved, innovative and smart, high quality Smart Metering Systems in the Public and Private Utilities Industry.

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We offer a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art water meter products to local and metro municipalities, water authorities and other meter components to manufactures globally. The Brainswork team strives to develop smart water meters that can be worked by ordinary people.


By simplifying Smart Metering Systems, we have managed to put the power back into the consumer’s hands! In the same breath, we have managed to build a strong sense of conservation by teaching users that water, gas and electricity are our most essential services that play a vital role in our economic and social development. The end-user is now able to get a personal update on usage, thus allowing them to manage their spend through their controlled consumption.

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At Brains at Work Consulting we ensure ultimate end-user satisfaction and a seamless experience when engaging with our products or staff..


Our experience spans over 10 years in the field of supplying and installation smart water meters

At Brainswork we thrive on making our customers our number one priority by ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction and a seamless experience when engaging with our products or staff. All products are designed to be solution based and reliable. With a hands on approach I will serve my company and all clients of Brainswork with integrity and transparency.

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We have done and successfully completed big projects in South Africa and Zimbabwe

We are prospecting for Botswana Clientele base and we aim to cover the African continent soon.

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